Hey there! We're pioneering the future of online learning by understanding one key need - People don't learn from videos or live streams, people learn from people. True learning happens during self-study for most students and if they get stuck with a concept or a problem, it kills time, disrupts the day’s schedule, creates a backlog and leads to anxiety as the student falls behind his/her class. In such a situation, all that is needed is a small high-quality intervention from a teacher who can be reached on-demand to clarify the concept and the student is back on track. This problem affects 200 million students every year in India.

That's why we are tirelessly building Mentor Match a self-study app that helps students of classes 8th - 12th  connect directly with expert mentors/tutors instantly through a 1 on 1 live video call.

How It Works:

  1. Take a photo of the question!

  2. Connect with a Mentor!

  3. Learn over a live video call!

We are providing students with a 24/7 study buddy at the tap of a button.

💰 Our Investors

Mentor Match raised $1 million in its Pre-seed financing round led by **Sapient Fund** a US-based seed-stage venture fund that works with entrepreneurs and startups in Cyber Security, Data-driven Decision Science, AI/ML areas. These funds will help us deliver personal attention to school students all across the country.

Mentor Match Raises $1 Million In Pre-Seed Round Funding

Mentor Match raises $1 million in pre-seed funding - Times of India

🤩 Our Story

On September 22, 2020, we presented our final-year architecture thesis. The very next day, we started working on building Mentor Match. Being fresh out of the education system, our insights into the industry is raw, helping us brainstorm and build unorthodox solutions to massive problems. It’s been a crazy ride of ups and downs, successes and pivots, excitement and frustration. We are fully aligned on our mission and are constantly pushing the barriers in terms of innovation, design and technology.


😇 The Values We Live By

Our values aren’t just our shared beliefs; they are the mindsets we embrace, the choices we make, the actions we take. We believe in a safe, innovative and inclusive culture, anyone with the talent, energy and focus to solve hard problems has a seat at the table.

Our 5 core values -

1. Empathize - We strive to know our users better than they know themselves.

2. Presentation Matters - People judge a book by its cover that is why the way we present our ideas, services, and products needs to be impactful and memorable.